Community Service


Are you a sophomore looking to complete the 25 mandatory hours of Community Service? Or, are you interested in receiving other, official Ridge High School approved Community Service Hours?

Well, we need your help, and we'll make sure you are able to meet your goal at Legwork for Lungs.

Contact to find out how you can help. Tell us a little bit about yourself, and we'll direct you to an area that aligns with your strengths and interests.

Some of the ways you may be involved is online advertising, design, writing, event organization, collecting donations from local businesses, volunteering at Legwork for Lungs events, and many other options.

When club members should receive hours:

  • When they go out “sponsoring,” or trying to find local sponsors by giving presentations to small business owners. Organizing meetings, following up, collecting donations, and the actual presentation should count for Community Service hours as the entire 5k run is organized off of these funds.
  • When members include new information on the website.
  • A key goal of Legwork for Lungs is education about lung cancer, so when club members conduct interviews with doctors, experts, or survivors, they should receive credit for their input into the community. A bar of 1,000 words written per 1 hour of Community Service should be set.
  • Additionally, updating sponsor information, race info, answering inquiries, and reporting to Memorial Sloan Kettering is crucial to the event.
  • When club members show up to community events to give out flyers and information about Legwork for Lungs. Additionally, members should receive community hours when they participate in corporate fundraising events relating to Legwork for Lungs.
  • When students volunteer on race day (handing out water, organizing check-in, showing runners the course, etc.)
  • When members organize/participate meaningfully in media/internet campaigns. In order for people to know and understand our cause, we have to write articles for local newspapers, write and post listings online, update social media, create flyers, and launch videos. This spreads the word about our events and contributes meaningfully to the community by alerting potential participants and donors and is the most vital aspect to the functionality of the club.