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What is Legwork for Lungs?


My name is Angela Huang and I have been fundraising for lung cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center by organizing an annual 5k Run and Mile Walk in Basking Ridge, NJ for many years through Legwork for Lungs. This high-school based organization, with the help of local businesses, family, and friends, has raised over $30,000 since 2014. This year, we hope to surpass $37,000 in total funds from the event.

Just because a teenager could organize this run does not in any way mean that it is easy. Nastassja Kuznetsova started this event almost 5 years ago, in order to fund Dr. Paik’s lung cancer research. Though at first I knew nothing about running a 5k, under her guiding hand, I have learned to file for permits, navigate sanctions, and budget with my eyes closed. This year will be the first year of the club organizing the race without her, and we will earnestly carry on the legacy she has set. I am sure that with your help in covering our expenses we can achieve our goal. Remember, race day will be on November 10th, 2019.

Legwork for Lungs has expanded from a run to a student-run club at Ridge High School committed to the development of fundraising and educational events. All of our funds go to Dr. Paik, who is the oncologist of a close family friend who was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in 2012. When she passed in July 2016 after 4.5 years with the disease, she had lived longer than 98% of patients with her cancer, thanks to her incredible spirit and treatment at MSKCC. Check out our interview with Dr. Paik about his research and the broader cancer research field on our website at

In order to help us out, as a local business, you can donate direct funds that we can allocate to where they are needed most, edible donations for our runners, or gift cards to your establishment.

Angela Huang
Race Director

All of our sponsor options include the following advantages:

  • Our sincere thanks and the knowledge that you are giving to your community and helping fight lung cancer
  • Your business logo on the donor page of our website
  • Logo name printed on our T-shirts – given to each runner
  • Inclusion of any desired pamphlets/coupons/distributional materials in our goody bags

Font and logo size on the above materials vary depending on the sponsor level you choose. Sponsors who donate more than $150 will be able to set up a stand at our event. Platinum Level Sponsors will also have their logo placed on the front page of our website and on event flyers. Hope to see you there on race day on November 4, 2018!

Additional benefits vary depending on the sponsor option you choose, listed below.

Sponsorship Breakdown

  • Platinum Level Sponsor ($1000+)
  • Gold Level Sponsor ($300-999)
  • Silver Level Sponsor ($150-299)
  • Bronze Level Sponsor ($25-149)

All contributions are tax-deductible and must be made through our page on the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center website. To do this, go back to our homepage ( and click on the orange “Donate to MSKCC Now!” button. Then, click on the blue “Donate” button at the top of out fundraising page and enter your billing information.

Sponsor Option: Edibles

One way you can contribute to this 5k is by donating items to be eaten by runners after they finish. You may donate any number of items, but please remember that we’ll have 250+ at the race. They are listed in order of priority.

All items will be picked up from your store by Saturday, November 4th, 2017.

Please donate:

  • 16.9 oz (regular size) water bottles
  • Fruit/vegetable items can be apples, bananas, grapes, baby carrots, etc. Can be all the same item or any combination of the above
  • Granola bars of any type
  • White or whole wheat bagels, cream cheese and butter
  • Hot chocolate

Additional Advantages of Edibles’ Donation

  • Runners will not die of starvation/dehydration (yay!)
  • Automatic promotion to Silver Level Sponsor status
  • Public mention and special thanks when food is being given to runners

Sponsor Option: Gift Certificate

As a gift to the race’s winners or as a raffle item, you can contribute gift certificates to your business for our event. This not only encourages more runners to compete in the event, but brings customers with the intent of spending money to your doorstep. Minimum contribution is $25.

All other contributions are cash or check donations made out to “Legwork for Lungs 5k” that will be used to cover event expenses to assure that all of our events proceeds will go directly to the hospital for lung cancer research.